In the "Software & Updates" preferences, there is an option to automatically download and install security updates:


It seems like this is a very reasonable option. I won't have to bother with updates for two weeks and everything will be done automatically in the background. However, I wonder if it is safe, too? What if I logout or reboot at a wrong time during the installation, because I don't even know there is an installation running?

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  • Re. "What if I logout or reboot at a wrong time during the installation,", I suspect you'll see some sort of message if you try to logout. As for rebooting, I guess the same would apply if you use the GUI. I don't know about what would happen if you long-press the power button or switch off the main supply, etc. But do read the linked possible duplicate even though it's a bit dated. – DK Bose Apr 13 '19 at 4:20

Some latest "updates" show that it is not safe.

You can get:

So I considered to install updates on my machines manually after reading some feedback about latest updates.
You can always disable unattended-upgrades to make Ubuntu act as Ubuntu and not Window$ 10.
Do it only if you are sure.

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