When i write in the terminal sudo apt install --instal-recommends winehq-devel, this error appears (error in title). How can i resolve it? My Ubuntu version is 18.04.2.

  • Are you using any 3rd party repository? – Kulfy Apr 12 '19 at 15:22
  • winehq-devel does not seem to be in the standard repos – Organic Marble Apr 12 '19 at 15:46
  • I have (apparently) the same problem. Used the wine-devel/ubuntu repository from winehq; had issues with it and held/broken packages. I'm using Mint 19, so I plan to ask similar question on linux stack and reference this one. – Bit Chaser Aug 20 '19 at 22:44

I faced the same problem of endless dependencies installing winehq-* on my Ubuntu 18.04.2 (upgraded from ubuntu 16.04). After lots of googling and trying out what worked for me at the end was to build wine locally, which was way faster than I thought.

So here how I done it: (Token from winehq official wiki)

  1. clone:

    git clone git://source.winehq.org/git/wine.git ~/wine-dirs/wine-source 
  2. build 64-bit version:

    cd ~/wine-dirs/wine-build/
    ../wine-source/configure --enable-win64
    DO NOT INSTALL (32-bit version should be installed first)
  3. build 32-bit verions:

    cd ~/wine-dirs/wine32-build/
    PKG_CONFIG_PATH=/path/to/pkgconfig ../wine-source/configure --with-wine64=../wine64-build
    PKG_CONFIG_PATH should point to the location of the 32 bit pkgconfig files, probably /usr/lib or /usr/lib32. 



  1. depends on SDL2-2.0.9 (follow instruction)
  2. clone https://github.com/FNA-XNA/FAudio
  3. build

    cd build_faudio/ 
    cmake ../FAudio-master/
    make -j 4

i386 version of some libs

  1. sudo apt-get install libx11-dev libx11-dev:i386 from
  2. sudo apt-get install libfreetype6-dev:i386 libfreetype6-dev from

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