I recently deleted GIMP 2.8 and installed 2.10, the version maintained by Snapcrafters for pre-18.04. I'm trying to use a new font with GIMP and can't find the program folder anywhere (installing the font globally isn't reflected in GIMP). I've looked through the home folder as well as ~/.local/share and it doesn't seem to be anywhere. How can I find GIMP's filepath?

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    Snaps are generally installed in /var/lib/snapd/snaps. They are not expanded (ie. squashfs). A snaps confinement level will control if they can/cannot access files outside of the snap itself (docs.snapcraft.io/snap-confinement/6233) – guiverc Apr 12 at 4:45

Two ways:

  1. Edit > Preferences > Folders > Fonts: two folders, at least one should be under your /home.
  2. Filters > Python-fu > Console and enter print gimp.directory. Your fonts directory is a child of that directory
  • The second option didn't work for me (also it's called Script-fu), the Python console said #<CLOSURE>Error: eval: unbound variable: gimp.directory. And the first one didn't really want to output the actual directory's location :/ – nyov Jul 9 at 10:23
  • @nyov No, the second option is really python-fu. But on recent Ubuntu you need to have the Python support in Gimp explicitly installed (apt install gimp-python)(without python support some plugins don't work and won't even show up in the menus). – xenoid Jul 9 at 11:01
  • thanks, that helped. Sorry, my mistake (perhaps add it to the answer). – nyov Jul 10 at 9:35

Missing the ~/.gimp-2.10 directory, when you know it should be there based on the ~/.gimp-2.4/, ~/.gimp-2.6/ and ~/.gimp-2.8/ folders still lying around there?

In short, it's now in: ~/.config/GIMP/2.10/.

(sigh. Finally, that clutter leaves my $HOME. Hurray for that.)


In case you used flatpak to install, the path is:


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