I've installed Wireguard and I successfully connect to my VPN network but I can't resolve domain names using DNS of the VPN network. I can ping internal nodes and I can get IP address that is bound to the domain by nslookup but ping, curl etc can't do this.

I use openvpn also so resolving of domain names works using openvpn connection works fine.

How can I fix resolving domain names with wireguard?

OS: Ubuntu 18.10

  • Could you post contents of /etc/resolv.conf when connected and when not. – Pasi Suominen Apr 11 at 13:06
  • VPN DOWN vpaste.net/8NMre VPN UP vpaste.net/InbMa – ANtlord Apr 12 at 14:13
  • please include also your ifconfig and route output. Is your vpn outpoint nameserver – Pasi Suominen Apr 13 at 18:18
  • It appears I fixed the issue changing configuration of Name Service Switch (NSS). The service is used by libc to have a deal with name services. So as far as I got my configuration of NSS make resolving stopped if a name is not resolved by Multicast DNS. Long story short I moved dns between mdns4_minimal and [NOTFOUND=return]. See vpaste.net/GYtsP. I'm not sure that it's a solution because I don't understand what happens if a name is not resolved by a DNS host. So I hope to see clarification of that. – ANtlord Apr 14 at 12:29

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