I am trying to run an exe file on Ubuntu 16.04 I have installed wine and winetricks I am using this command

wine64 OpenfaceOffline.exe

I am in super user mode and the exe is of 64 bit

but for some reason it is giving me this error

err:process:start_process L"Z:\home\osboxes\.wine\drive_c\Program Files\Desktop Emotion Detect\OpenFace_2.0.5_win_x64\OpenFace_2.0.5_win_x64\OpenFaceOffline.exe" doesn't have an entry point, it cannot be executed

by the look of it, it is an entry point error guide me how to resolve it


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You may simply run OpenfaceOffline for linux instead :

  1. https://github.com/TadasBaltrusaitis/OpenFace/archive/master.zip
  2. unzip ~/Downloads/OpenFace-master.zip
  3. cd ~/OpenFace-master
  4. chmod +x download_models.sh install.sh
  5. ./download_models.sh
  6. ./install.sh

(you'll have to type in your password and be patient, it takes a long while you'll also have to type in "y" to accept installation of dependencies after a long while.)

  1. run it with ./build/bin/FaceLandmarkVid -f "samples/changeLighting.wmv" -f "samples/2015-10-15-15-14.avi"

works brilliant for me.

  • as the installation part take a while to finish. I have try the command number 7 but it gives me an error I am putting the error in my next 2 comment since it is a little longer error so please check it out Apr 11, 2019 at 17:12
  • Reading the landmark detector/tracker from: ./build/bin/model/main_ceclm_general.txt Reading the landmark detector module from: ./build/bin/model/cen_general.txt Reading the PDM module from: ./build/bin/model/pdms/In-the-wild_aligned_PDM_68.txt....Done Reading the Triangulations module from: ./build/bin/model/tris_68.txt....Done Reading the intensity CEN patch experts from: ./build/bin/model/patch_experts/cen_patches_0.25_of.dat....Could not find CEN patch experts, for instructions of how to download them, see github.com/TadasBaltrusaitis/OpenFace/wiki/Model-download Apr 11, 2019 at 17:14
  • ERROR: Could not load the landmark detector Apr 11, 2019 at 17:15

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