I have a MAAS/Juju/OpenStack set up from a bundle. All controller plane services are deployed on 3 controller nodes with LXD containers, however they are deployed on /dev/sda which is an SSD with 240GB of storage. After all the services deployed this disk ends up with 140GB of free space.

The local LXD storage is:

|  NAME   | DESCRIPTION | DRIVER |               SOURCE               | USED BY |
| default |             | dir    | /var/lib/lxd/storage-pools/default | 22      |

I'm facing an issue with ceph-mon charm whenever I try to create large volumes from already uploaded images (migrated from another hypervisor). The ceph-mon cluster goes into warning, and the leader unit becomes low on disk space. I added larger disks to my controllers nodes and I'm planning on adding a new storage pool to my LXD, but:

  • Is there a way to create the storage pool from Juju?
  • I don't know how to move a container to a different storage.
  • Is there a way to tell Juju to use the new storage pool when creating new LXD containers?

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