Using 18.04 Desktop version I add a new desktop shortcut. However there is no icon and when pressing the shortcut I get the message "untrusted application launcher" When I approve by pressing "Trust and Lunch" the program is starting BUT the icon still missing. Next time when I press the shortcut I get the same "untrusted application launcher" messsage Follwing previouse issues I did the followng:

  1. make sure that the desktop shortcust is executable Untrusted application launcher?
  2. the icon is valid and in the correct path
  3. on another compute the same desktop scripts works
  4. I am the owener of the desktop shortcusts and the directory ./local/share/gvfs-metadata/home* Untrusted Application Launcher

Where can I find more infoamtion about the cause of this issue ?


  • Edit your question to make it more precise what you ask. The header of your question should match what you actually want to ask. – vanadium Apr 10 at 8:18

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