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"Extensions" should appear in the tool, but this function is simply not there. I would like to add the Dash to Dock but https://extensions.gnome.org/ does not find the shell installing even though the chrome and Firefox extensions are installed.


From the screenshot it seems you have logged in to a Unity session, not a GNOME session. GNOME extension like 'Dash to Dock' is not supposed to work in Unity.

There should be a cogwheel (⚙️) next to the "sign in" button at the GDM login screen. Click on it and select GNOME instead of Unity (provided you actually have GNOME installed).

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You don't need to install extensions from extensions.gnome.org as they are also available in Ubuntu Software app.

Run Ubuntu Software, click add-ons, click extensions tab. Here you are able to install extensions.

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