I am working with this docker file; https://github.com/gioargyr/docker-kr-suite After I connected docker repository one time i rebooted PC and it has gone. How I can make it permanent.

Thanks for your help.


I had a similar issue and restarting docker with the command below solved it for me.

sudo systemctl restart docker.service

Note: You can consider making docker start at runtime.


Setting the docker service to run at startup:

sudo systemctl enable docker

And then you'll have to run the docker service (only this time, it will run automatically at the next restart):

sudo systemctl start docker

Or even:

sudo systemctl restart docker

The answer with the restart command will work but won't survive a startup.


That docker image is not gone you might need to start it again. First you need to check available docker list using following command

docker ps -a

This will list all the containers available

docker ps

Only shows currently running images. Once you find your image you can run it using command

docker start <container name>

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