Thanks for reading my post.

I am trying to connect remotely with my ubuntu 18.04 computer. I can connect remotely using xRDP. However, it is connecting in a new session and I can not connect while I am logged in my pc locally. I need to log out from local session to connect using Remote and vice-versa.

I tried the solution from the following links.

Use xrdp to connect to desktop session

Xrdp - How do I connect remotely to an existing local session?

However, none of these working for me. Is there any solution? I just want to connect with the same desktop session I was working. I do not want to log out as some process always going on. I am open to using VNC too. But I do not use screen sharing option like TeamViewer where people around my PC can see what's going on while I was in the remote.

Thanks in Advance.

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