Using Ubuntu 18.04 with GNOME and when I press printscreen it saves the file to my 'Pictures' folder. But when I press ctrl+shift+printscreen to select an area or even ctrl+shift it flashes like it took the shot but isn't saving to anywhere I can find and I searched keywords to find it. Using the screenshot tool with a GUI works fine but I like using shortcuts.

Any idea why they aren't saving using those two keyboard shortcuts?


Here's a screenshot taken from the Ubuntu docs using shift+printscreen.

The point is, if you want the screenshot to be saved to ~/Pictures, don't use ctrl.

enter image description here


The key combination Ctrl+PrtScr captures your whole screen and copies it to clipboard, it doesn't save the image anywhere. You can then open an application (e.g. GIMP or LibreOffice Writer) and paste the captured screenshot.

Similarly, Ctrl+Shift+PrtScr lets you capture an area and copy it to clipboard.

And Ctrl+Alt+PrtScr sends screenshot of active window to the clipboard.

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