I'm so lost. I don't know what to do.

I followed these instructions until I got to the part where it had me download the SDK. I didn't know how to follow the steps after that.

So, what I did was followed these instructions after that, up until it had me add the printer. Instead I followed the old instructions after that and did it through the web interface. However, when I go to add the printer, it doesn't have the dymo 4xl listed as a model. It only has one model and that's "dymo label printer (en)".

So...what should I do? What did I do wrong?


In your first link the SDK part has an incorrect link. Try downloading the file from:


After you download the file you will need to extract the drivers as follows:

tar zxvf dymo-cups-drivers-1.4.0.tar.gz

That will create a dymo-cups-drivers- folder, then you should be able to continue on with your setup.

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Just FYI: If you need a label printer, do not buy a DYMO from this point in time onwards.

I have contacted their customer support and although not properly mentioned on their website, they have stopped supporting Linux as of this point in time.

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