What's the difference between the snap folder in /home/<UserName> and the snap folder in root (/)? I'm trying to get a grasp on where programs and their files are stored when you install them. The first and only program I have installed on my machine is Spotify.

I noticed that there were two spotify folders within two separate snap folders. One in the home directory and one in the root directory.


  • Why are there two snap folders?
  • Why are there two spotify folders?
  • Are they different in any way (the snap and spotify folders)?

NOTE: I installed Spotify via the Ubuntu Software application, not via the Terminal.


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The /snap-directory contains a file named README:

This directory presents installed snap packages.

It has the following structure:

/snap/bin                   - Symlinks to snap applications.
/snap/<snapname>/<revision> - Mountpoint for snap content.
/snap/<snapname>/current    - Symlink to current revision, if enabled.


The disk space consumed by the content under this directory is
minimal as the real snap content never leaves the .snap file.
Snaps are *mounted* rather than unpacked.

For further details please visit

To sum it up, this directory contains the mount-points for your snaps and several symlinks which are needed by snapd.

The directory /home/<username>/snap holds the configuration files for your snaps.

  • That clears some things up. Follow up, so when I run sudo apt-get remove <application name> or sudo apt-get purge <application name>, will that remove the <application name> files in both snap directories? Apr 7, 2019 at 19:14
  • snaps are not managed with the apt-command, to remove a snap, use sudo snap remove snapname instead. The files in your home directory will not get removed automatically, this has to be done manually.
    – mook765
    Apr 7, 2019 at 19:28

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