If the OEM install is used, the install to disk and boot from HDD works properly. Normal install fails to boot from HDD after install. What is the difference between these two install options?

  • Is it desktop or laptop? You used a phrase install to disk. What is disk? Is it SSD? Do you have SSD and HDD in your system? What is the difference between OEM install and normal install? Is it a dual boot system? Please clarify. – Marmayogi Apr 7 at 20:28
  • It is a desktop installation onto a 6TB Seagate HDD, no other disk drives, other than a DVD drive. The desktop is a i9 7960x with 128GB of RAM on an Asus X299 Mark 1. I even took the HDD from another 16.04 desktop and booted the machine from that install, but when I go back to a fresh install on the 6TB HDD, it does not boot from HDD after install. OEM install does boot from HDD(6TB). Why the difference? – spoatech Apr 7 at 21:36
  • How did you install Ubuntu 18.04 on HDD? is it through DVD or a bootable USB stick? After install, did you access BIOS setup screen by pressing del key? Did you observe any bootloaders there? After installation, could you logon to Ubuntu at least once? Did you try the command sudo update-grub to create GRUB menu? Please clarify. – Marmayogi Apr 7 at 22:05
  • It is a new 6TB HDD with nothing on it. It is a fresh verified copy of Ubuntu 18.04.2 on a DVD drive. The del key went to bios where DVD was put in first place for boot up. Install menu comes up, install process is done, but when restart, the system does not boot from HDD, not even once. I have no desire to have this machine dual boot, just Ubuntu 18.04.2 only, no other bootloaders. – spoatech Apr 8 at 16:17
  • I need partition details, @spoatech. What kind of partition plan did you implement on 6TB HDD during Ubuntu installation, such as efi, "\", swap, tmp, home, and so on. Can you explain, please. – Marmayogi Apr 9 at 2:38

Gave up on 18.04LTS. Downloaded Ubuntu Studio 19.04, burned to DVD, installed from DVD and booted from hard disk first try ... 18.04LTS install scripts have bugs!

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