I am trying to add my users into my LDAP. I have created a file called users.ldif

When I execute the command it throws the following error message please can you help. The user2.ldif has the following names


dn: cn=Jack Wallen,ou=user,dc=dc=googleman,dc=local
cn: Jack Jones
objectClass: person
sn: Wallen USER ENTRY
dn: cn=Sheldon Cooper,ou=user,dc=dc=googleman,dc=local
cn: Sheldon John
objectClass: person
sn: Cooper
dn: cn=Leonard Hofstadter,ou=user,dc=dc=googleman,dc=local
cn: Leonard James
objectClass: person
sn: Hofstadter Command executed I executed this command in my Mac command line after ssh into my linux machine ldapadd -H ldap:// -D "cn=admin,dc=googleman,dc=local" -w root -f "user2.ldif"

Error adding new entry "cn=Jack Jones,ou=user,dc=googleman,dc=local
" ldap_add: Invalid DN syntax (34) additional info: invalid DN

I am running Ubuntu

Any ideas


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