I am running Ubuntu 18.10 (installed from mini iso) with Plasma desktop 5.13.5 (from the repositories.) I always do updates on the command line without any issues. sudo apt update && sudo apt dist-upgrade shows that there are no updates, yet Discovery shows there is an update "GNOME Application Platform version 3.32". I have not taken this update.

The Discovery icon always shows 1 update pending, but sometimes when I open Discovery it says there are no updates. This GNOME update seems to come and go but still, apt never sees it.

How can I figure out what is going on here?


This looks like an issue between flatpak and Discovery. I did

flatpak update

It showed there were updates (didn't mention the GNOME 3.32 one by name.) I took those and the Discovery icon and its listed update went away. I don't understand the reason behind this. I though flatpaks updated themselves when you ran a flatpak program and I have been doing that.

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