I am switching from Windows to Ubuntu. In Windows, I was using a program for backup which was creating .7z files. It is fast and easy to restore a few files from a huge 7zip archive.

In Ubuntu, currently I am using tar to create .tgz archive files. However, when I try to quickly restore a few small files from a huge .tgz archive, Archive Manage (Roller) or command line tar tries to read the whole .tgz file first, which takes too much time.

Which is the recommended archive file format for backup and quick restore?

Note: I cannot go with 7zip, because it does not store Linux file access permissions.

  • This Q&A suggests dar (disk archive). However, answers in this Q&A claim that zip can store file access permissions. The problem with tar (tape archive) is that it was made for, well, tapes, which are written/read sequentially. – danzel Apr 3 at 18:09
  • Thanks. (1) The default zip command line that comes in Ubuntu repositories seems to work in storing file timestamps and access permissions. It is rather old (version 3.0 - July 5th 2008) though! (2) As for dar, I haven't tested too much, but it seems that Archive Manager cannot open .dar files! – FedonKadifeli Apr 3 at 19:30

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