I have installed Ubuntu 18.04 LTS a few days before. Now I want to print some file with my Epson L220 Inkjet All-in-One printer. Ubuntu automatically adds the printer, but unable to print any text(.txt file) or PDF file. enter image description here The printer simply bypasses the A4 paper with no printing on the paper. Why this happens and what is the way out form this problem? NOTE: I HAVE PREVIOUSLY POSTED A QUESTION ON THIS TOPIC, BUT THERE IS NO SOLUTION, THAT IS WHY I POST MY QUARRY AGAIN.

  • Download the drivers from this site and open with Software Install. – Vijay Apr 3 at 13:24
  • From this site, I download the deb file epson-printer-utility_1.0.2-1lsb3.2_amd64.deb , and open via Software Center, which goes to the new page "Epson Printer Utility for Linux" , and install it . But still print is not done – Bapi Saha Apr 3 at 13:43
  • @user68186 A4 paper selected , no at first save in test editor and then print – Bapi Saha Apr 3 at 14:22
  • Finnaly fix this problem , manually add Epson L210 during printer setting, in Add printer button , and my printer works well and print also successfully printed. – Bapi Saha Apr 3 at 14:28
  • Please write your own detailed answer with all the screenshots and then accept that answer as the correct one by placing the green tick mark ✅ on the left margin of the answer. This will help others. – user68186 Apr 3 at 14:31

(1) Go to Setting and then click on Device, Click on Printer enter image description here

(2) Then click on Additional Printer Setting... enter image description here

(3) Click on Add enter image description here

(4) Select your own printer from Device tab and make sure connection is USB (if your printer connected via USB ) and then click on Forward button enter image description here

(5) If your computer is connected to internet, it automatically searching for driver and you have to choose your model no and corresponding driver(recommended ). Select printer for database , click forward enter image description here

(6) Choose your Printer Band (like Epson or HP or others ), click forward enter image description here

(7) Choose Printer Model No and recommended driver and then click Forward enter image description here

(8) Click Apply enter image description here

(9) You are done. Now if you are want to print Test Page, then click on that button enter image description here

(10) Now the printer is added successfully. enter image description here

That's all. Now enjoy printing with Epson printer in your Ubuntu 18.04 LTS.

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    No, all I have done is that without deb file . Simply from settings only . – Bapi Saha Apr 3 at 15:12
  • Great! Don't forget to accept your answer as the correct one after the waiting period. – user68186 Apr 3 at 15:14

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