I create an Android device in Genymotion : Custom Phone Android 4.4-API 19, and the device run well.

But when I try 'adb devices, it is empty below 'List of devices attached'

enter image description here

'Use custom Android SDK tools' is already set

enter image description here

the device's Developer Options and USB debugging is enabled.

I have tried

  • adb kill-server adb start-server adb devices

but the adb still can not detect the Genymotion device.

virtualbox as follow

enter image description here

Runing on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

Does anybody have the same problem ? Please help, many thanks!

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I found this answer to be helpful for a similar situation. I'm not really sure what the underlying bug is (either in adb or Genymotion), but until it gets fixed this is a suitable workaround. Essentially you're explicitly pointing adb to the device with adb connect ...

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