This is the repository for get the lastest NVIDIA propietary. Im not happy with the repos one because Im having problems with unity, sometimes it lags and freezes. But I want to know if I should trust.

What do you say?


The repo is maintained by a Canonical employee so as far as "trust" goes, you should be pretty safe with this one.

But whether or not it fixes things, is another question. It could make things worse, but you can always use ppa-purge to remove the PPA and reset the packages back to their sock Ubuntu versions.

  • Lol Is a Canonical employee? nothing to say, this is recommended. Dont worry buddy I had installed it in the past without issues. The issue is that unity get slow when I Wake Up my Laptop and I dont know if unity3d is buggy or its a NVIDIA problem. So I will update the driver with this repo for the doubts. – Jhonnytunes Mar 14 '12 at 22:54

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