I'd like to write a regex in shellscript which would compare the user input path to user$HOME. Then it would raise an error in case the user input path contains the user $HOME. The home folder normally starts with /ort/home but /ort part is not a must. When I run it always gives a valid path although I clearly enter an invalid path. What am I doing wrong? Thanks. Please refer following link[1] if necessary to see how regex are used in shellscript

My attempt is as follows


function user_input () {

        read -p "Type the path for project1:" user_path

        echo "$string1"

        if [ "$user_path" = "$string1 | /ort/home/+.* |  .*+/home/+.*"  ]; then 
             echo "Not a valid path, contains $HOME directory"        
             echo "valid path"

function main() {



Terminal output

Please note first entry is a valid path and other two are invalid paths.

jenny@server32:~$ ./test.sh 
Type the path for project1:/scratch/random
valid path

jenny@server32:~$ ./test.sh 
Type the path for project1:/ort/home/j/jen
valid path

jenny@server32:~$ ./test.sh 
Type the path for project1:/ort/home
valid path


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    Regular expression comparison and string (glob pattern) comparison are different things, with different operators in bash (=~ versus == or =); additionally, =~ is only supported within extended test brackets [[ ... ]] afaik – steeldriver Apr 1 at 22:32

The case command uses glob wildcards which are pretty easy to work with:

case "$user_path" in
    "$HOME"*) echo "Error: path cannot be in your HOME" ;;
    */home/*) echo "Error: cannot have 'home' in the path" ;;
    *) echo "Thank you, valid path" ;;

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