There is a (top-right) hot corner action set up by default, that shows previews of all open windows. I can find it under Settings > Desktop behaviour > Screen edges, and then the top-right edge is linked to an action, and it's called "Present windows - All desktops".

But that subcategory in settings doesn't have an option to assign a keyboard shortcut to it; And under the category for "Shortcuts", there is no option that has the words "windows" or "desktops"...

So would it be possible to assign a keyboard shortcut, such as Super+Tab, to do what the top-right hot corner does, which is show all my open windows? And if so, how?


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Do the following images help?

Ensure "Present Windows" is active:

Present windows checked in Desktop Effects

Set a shortcut of your choice or use the suggested default (Ctrl+F10):

Keyboard shortcut to present windows

  1. Go to System Settings > Window Management > Task Switcher
  2. Unselect "Virtual desktops" under "Content"
  • its probably located elsewhere. not in "Window Management "
    – SL5net
    Feb 28, 2021 at 12:21

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