I want to bind a different action (for example, using xbindkeys) to the simultaneous clicking of my left and right mouse buttons than I get by clicking the middle button. Is this possible?

I have disabled middle button emulation using xinput:

xinput set-prop  '15' 'libinput Middle Emulation Enabled' 0

(where 15 is the device ID for my mouse)

but xbindkeys does not seem to support actions comprised of two button clicks. For example,

"xte 'key a'"

inserts an a even if I just click the right mouse button (button 3 according to xev).

The closest I have come to an answer is this 2016 post, but based on the current (Ubuntu 18.04LTS) man page for xorg.conf the patch does not seem to have ever been merged into xorg.

I have read about using xmodmap to set button mappings, but I haven't found any reference to it allow the definition of a new button code being triggered by simultaneously pressing two buttons.

How can I get this to work?

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