I would like to make an application that keeps the icons on the desktop grouped within certain application defined "fences" on linux. I have a general idea of how to interact with the linux operating system by making system() calls, however I dont know how to interact with the GUI component on top of linux.

I am running Xubuntu, which I know use XFCE, and from the wikipedia page I know there exist some Xfce libraries but I havent been able to find any examples. I was hoping someone could point me in the right direction

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    Your question maybe a bit non-specific for Ask Ubuntu. I suggest you get in touch with the XFCE developers directly. – DK Bose Mar 31 at 2:11
  • You could always pick a simple program you like, and sudo apt-get source <package> to download the source for the program you'd like to use as your example. this is simplified, and you may need to add packages to build/compile source I'm skipping – guiverc Mar 31 at 2:15
  • Desktop window would be managed by whatever file manager is default for XFCE. They do have certain APIs, most of them are in C, but I cannot say if there's API specific to file manager or desktop window. The application idea you have is interesting, though I'm not sure how that could be implemented - desktop windows aren't very extensible. Consider writing that as separate windowed application. – Sergiy Kolodyazhnyy Mar 31 at 7:10

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