I have a laptop and a desktop

Two computers have Ubuntu 16.04 and connected through Ethernet cable, but two are offline, so no internet. I wanna make the laptop as the main computer and I want to use the desktop by the laptop. Is is possible to control the desktop by using the laptop?

I am not sure if I could use SSH in terminal.. Could you guys explain me if there is ways? or please give a hint or keyword so I can find a way.

Usually I use "ssh -X"

Thank you


If you question is about the network, your answer is 'Yes'. You can set static IP on both your laptop and your PC. To do so, use network-manager:

  1. Open Network manager
  2. Edit LAN
  3. Go to IPv4 Setting Tab
  4. Set method to Manual
  5. Set IP address.

enter image description here

e.g. set for the PC and for laptop.

Then you can use any network remote connection tool to access PC from laptop of vice versa. For example: SSH, AnyDesk, VNC Viewer, etc.

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