I had the same issue as the guy posting on Trouble creating 3TB ext4 partition due to msdos-partition-table-imposed error

The new 6TB drive I got was only issues 2TB by Microsoft so I booted into gparted "Device->Create Partition Table and select "gpt" from the list." I then booted back up into Windows and G: drive was no longer mounted. I deleted disk0 and recreated it inside Windows disk management however as you can see in the screenshot below the disk size is only 5589GB. Should it be more?

I did use about 300GB of data before doing this and I would like to recover that data but both Windows and gparted can't detect anything more than the 5589GB.

enter image description here


This is due to the 1000 vs. 1024 bytes problem.

You see, assuming 1024, a 6TB drive can hold 6.6E12 bytes. However, assuming 1000, it can hold 6E12 bytes.

The difference between the two is 6E11 bytes, or 559GB. Thus, your reported capacity is 559GB less than what you think it should be.

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  • Ok thanks for the reply. So the initial data I installed is gone? I am using full capacity of the drive at it's current state? – Toodarday Mar 28 '19 at 18:40
  • @Toodarday your data is not gone, although it may be very difficult to recover depending on how much disk I/O has been done since you re-formatted. For the future, please always make backups, especially if you're doing anything potentially dangerous like messing with partitions. – You'reAGitForNotUsingGit Mar 28 '19 at 18:42
  • Ok thanks for the advice. It was not important data, luckily. – Toodarday Mar 28 '19 at 18:43
  • @Toodarday that's good :) also, see here for more reading on 1000 vs 1024. – You'reAGitForNotUsingGit Mar 28 '19 at 18:45

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