I installed Ubuntu onto a USB stick and encrypted all my data, however my laptop stopped working and I had to purchase a new one and my USB stick no longer boots into Linux. So I have a brand new Ubuntu installation and I am trying to recover my data from my old home directory, when I plug the USB in it recognizes it and asked for the password etc but when I go to the old Home Directory it just has a file called. "Access-Your-private-data.desktop" and running that file does nothing. No idea how to access my old files and hoping someone might be able to help?

  • How are you trying to run the Access-Your-private-data.desktop? what happens exactly when you try to run it (any error messages)? How are you accessing the old home directory, and how is it mounted (perhaps it is mounted "noexec")? – steeldriver Mar 27 at 1:45

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