I am using Ubuntu desktop. I want to change default location of document folder of my user (let's take testuser) from local system (/home/testuser/Documents/) to window share (\server1\share_name) mounted on /mount/win_share_name/.

Can I do it? If yes, please guide me.


On 18.04 and later, open /home/[user]/.config/gtk-3.0/bookmarks in a text editor, locate the line that says


and change that to

smb://server1/share_name Documents

If you don't see a directory .config in the user's directory it's because items starting with a . are hidden by default. In the file dialog, press Ctrl + h to see hidden items.

Make a backup of the file first, of course.

The user may need to log out and back in before this works.

  • I am not seeing any folder called config in the root directory – Todd Welch Jun 21 at 0:53
  • I edited the answer. – Jos Jun 21 at 8:47

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