I would like a reliable way of getting the name of the directory where a script lives. I would like this approach to also work when called from the same directory (most use cases involving dirname $0 would return "." in this case). Here is one such approach:

FULL="$( cd "$(dirname "$0")" ; pwd -P )"

The logic is simple enough... move to the directory of the script, call pwd from there, and then strip away everything except the final directory name. However, I can't seem to figure out the syntax to convert this to a one-liner. I would like help doing that.


One approach is to use basename instead of your parameter substitution.

FULL=$(basename "$(cd $(dirname $0) ; pwd -P)")

The quotes are there to deal with directory names with spaces.
There must be a more elegant way to handle this, but this quick and dirty approach does what you need with a small modification to your current command.

Another method would be to rely on the PWD variable:

FULL=$(cd $(dirname $0) ; echo ${PWD##*/})

A method that does not require changing directory would rely on the readlink command:

FULL=$(basename "$(readlink -f $(dirname $0))")

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