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I need a simple image editor tool to draw a simple box/rectangle in an existing image, and probably write a simple text in it.

A similar but not the same question has been asked here before: Simple image editor?

The problem is that none of the solutions given can draw a simple box in an existing image. Pinta looks good, but this tool always crashes and doesn't help at all.

Others such as Shotwell, GThumb, Shutter don't even have a tool to draw a simple rectangle at all.

I'm looking for a very simple tool that can draw a box on existing image like this.

highlight box on screenshot

Please do not suggest GIMP, as I'm looking for a very simple tool, probably like Pinta, but not buggy and must be stable.

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  • See my answer to the linked question using Shutter here: askubuntu.com/a/1123740/163331 – Parto Mar 25 at 15:15
  • I use Pinta, but it has a repeatable crash... but I've found a way around it... after editing an image... DO NOT click SAVE... just click the windows close button... then select SAVE when it asks you. Done. – heynnema Mar 25 at 15:32
  • @heynnema, thanks but the problem is I can't edit an image at all. Once it loaded, it hang, that's it. – Sabrina Mar 25 at 15:37
  • ALL images, or just a certain type? – heynnema Mar 25 at 15:38
  • Simple image, let say screenshot from my screen. I need this tool for documentation purpose. ksnip's answer from @DK Bose is the best at the moment – Sabrina Mar 25 at 15:40

If you're using a GNOME environment, try gpaint. It's in the universe repository:


If you're using a qt-based system such as Kubuntu or Lubuntu 18.10, try kolourpaint. It's in the universe repository:


If you want something a little advanced, try ksnip which is available as an AppImage from https://appimage.github.io/ksnip/. You can see What is an "AppImage"? How do I install it? for more on AppImages.

ksnip AppImage

  • Thanks @DK Bose, ksnip looks like something that I'm looking for. This is the best answer so far. Let me test it first – Sabrina Mar 25 at 15:31

When I need to edit a picture quickly, I do it through the web. Simply because it starts much faster than any "installed" app I ever tried :/

I use www.Photopea.com. To draw a rectangle, choose a Rectangle tool in the toolbar, set the Stroke to Red (or any other color) and Fill to None.

I think it is better than Pixlr, it doesn't require Flash and supports more input / output formats.

It also has advanced features. If you ever need to do more, it is easier to extend the knowledge of one advanced tool, than to learn 37 new single-purpose tools.

  • 1
    even better than mine! I'll be using this from now on! – tatsu Mar 25 at 15:37
  • I'm on Windows so when I need to make quick and simple edits to an image I use Paint. It might be limited in power but it also starts extremely quickly, in about 0.5s ;) – Clonkex Mar 26 at 3:10

when I want the simplest and the quickest, I personally think "web" not "app I'm going to download and install"


click "To enable Flash, please click here." you may have to restart your browser.

then you're in and it's basically photoshop but in a browser window.

it's fast, light, it gets the job done.

(quick tip chrome is easyer for flash then chromium)

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