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When pressing Ctrl-Alt-T in Ubuntu 18.04, a new terminal instance is opened. Is there a way to tweak the shortcut so if a terminal instance is already opened, then it just gets focused and a new tab is opened?

I'm tired of having 100 terminals opened because of my Ctrl-Alt-T habit.

I'm using hyper terminal, but something working with gnome-terminal would be a good start!

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  • @vanadium I don't know when, but this has apparently been fixed. Entering gnome-terminal --tab in a terminal in 18.10 does in fact, open a new terminal for me. – Charles Green Mar 25 at 18:13
  • @Charles Green Indeed it does when you run the command in gnome-terminal. However, it does not behave this way if you launch the command or a script containing the command with a hotkey. – vanadium Mar 25 at 20:13

Use Tilix !

You can set the behaviour in the Preferences -> Global:

on new instance setting

Screenshot from Tilix website:


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