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I installed Ubuntu 18.04(LTS) just yesterday. I am trying to install packages using sudo apt-get install , but I am getting the below error (this example is for 'make') :

Package make is not available, but is referred to by another package. This may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or is only available from another source E: Package 'make' has no installation candidate

I tried googling it, found something related to mirrors and sources, but not able to figure out what to do. Please help.

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  • Can you run sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade without errors? – Parto Mar 24 at 20:04
  • @Parto the command that you gave worked. It updated everything. After that I was able to install whatever I wanted. – Himanshu Gupta Mar 25 at 4:14
  • Awesome. Look online for "Top things to do after installing Ubuntu 18.04" – Parto Mar 25 at 5:24

whenever you install fresh ubuntu always run

sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get upgrade

please google what each command does for more info :)

only then must you find the packages you are looking for and install. Happens to me all the time.

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    You could add a short note on what each command does for readers' reference? – taifwa Mar 25 at 10:00

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