I setup SSH Server on my machine and it works well on LAN.

But when I try it over the internet I get the following error : ssh_exchange_identification : read: Connection reset by peer

I have forwarded my 22 port on the router to which the remote machine is connected and the port is OPEN.

Both the host and the remote machines are running 16.04 LTS

The SSH Server is running on the remote machine.

I am using the global IP of the remote machine and the /etc/hosts.deny and etc/hosts.allow files are empty.

What am I doing wrong ?

Please ask for any further information that is required.

  • If it works well on the LAN, then it works. Stop fiddling with it; you don't seem to have an Ubuntu problem. This seems a more appropriate question for superusercom. – user535733 Mar 24 at 12:06

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