I originally asked this question not realizing the functionality is built in, but not visible due to the "Alternative Toolbar Plugin"

I have a few playlists I'd like to transfer from one computer to another, how do I do this?

(This is with the alternative plugin toolbar).

  • Just try Musconv tools. Its a great way to transfer your playlists and favorites. – Lalit Garg Jan 14 at 7:50

This answer applies to Rhythmbox 3.4.3 with activated alternative toolbar plugin:

In the right top there is a toggle button with an ellipses icon (...) (between the search and menu icon). When activating this button, a menu (the file menu mentioned in the previous answer) appears above the playlist content: navigate to Playlist -> Save to File... to export the playlist.

Importing the playlist is also described in the previous answer: Under the side bar navigate to + -> Load from File to import the playlist.

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  • First you need to disable the alternative toolbar plugin,
  • Then restart Rhythmbox,
  • Then, select the playlist you want to export,
  • In the file menu, under playlists, save to file.

After transfering the exported file to a new system, if you have the alternative toolbar plugin installed, click the plus sign under your playlists, and select "load from file."

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