What happened?

Everything was working correctly, but then i did the following: Today, i started Ubuntu not with my current kernel like normally, but with an older Kernel, because i wanted to try something out.

After is started Ubuntu with the older kernel, i noted that all my gnome settings are gone/missing/disappeared.

For example:

  • My Background-image gone
  • Mouse-speed settings gone
  • Nautilus settings gone
  • Bottom-Task-Bar gone
  • Panels (like Top/Bottom-Panels) gone

--> My Desktop looks pretty empty, only the icons for folders/files are visible.

At this point, i was not frightened about that, because I thought, that the reason for all these "missing settings" was, that i am on an "older" kernel right now. So, i thought, my settings will be there again as normal, after changing back from the older to my current kernel.

BUT: After changing back to my current Kernel, all settings like Background-Image, Panels, ... are still missing :-(

I have a feeling, that the process, that runs gnome, does not have the correct access-rights anymore to read all my config-files (for Background, mouse-speed, Nautilus-settings, ....).

When logging in with Guest-Account, all Panels and Menu-Bars are there as normally adn are working correct. -> That means, all installed gnome packages are still working correctly, no need for any update or installation of things. It seems, its just a "settings-problem".

Can anyone help??


I am using:

  • gnome-session-fallback (Metacity)
  • indicator-applet-complete
  • 4.4.0-143-generic (current kernel)
  • Distributor ID: Ubuntu
  • Description: Ubuntu 14.04.6 LTS
  • Release: 14.04
  • Codename: trusty


i found the solution:

For some reason, the ~/.config/dconf/user was owned by root.

I just set sudo chown myself ~/.config/dconf/user, then logout.

Now everything works like before :D

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