As of today (2019-03-20), both the current docker website, and the Ubuntu package have version


https://stackoverflow.com/questions/50427996/difference-installing-docker-from-ubuntu-repository-and-official-docker-reposito mentions that the Docker repo package might be newer, which is currently not the case.

Are there any reasons to use the Docker repository if you just want a stable install? Are there any differences between these? (Otherwise, it seems easier to avoid another repository, another trusted GPG key etc).

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Versions might be the same now but you can expect it to be a game of catch-up

Depending on what docker releases and how complex porting those features are into Ubuntu ecosystem you will surely end up with a release being older at some point using the Ubuntu docker version

What version you end up using depends on whats best for your needs.

  • Ubuntu: More stable
  • Docker: New features faster

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