As of today (2019-03-20), both the current docker website, and the Ubuntu package have version


https://stackoverflow.com/questions/50427996/difference-installing-docker-from-ubuntu-repository-and-official-docker-reposito mentions that the Docker repo package might be newer, which is currently not the case.

Are there any reasons to use the Docker repository if you just want a stable install? Are there any differences between these? (Otherwise, it seems easier to avoid another repository, another trusted GPG key etc).


Versions might be the same now but you can expect it to be a game of catch-up

Depending on what docker releases and how complex porting those features are into Ubuntu ecosystem you will surely end up with a release being older at some point using the Ubuntu docker version

What version you end up using depends on whats best for your needs.

  • Ubuntu: More stable
  • Docker: New features faster

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