I've set up my Budgie panel to show the current date. However I would like to change date format. For example, it'd be nice to see the same as the following command shows:

date '+%d %b'

Is there a way to achive that?


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Options to set the date format

1. Calendar applet

The default installed Clock applet does not have an option to set a custom date format. Not from GUI (Budgie Settings), not from dconf.

However, you can install the Calendar Applet, which does offer the option. To install:

  1. Choose from the main menu Budgie Applets, and install the Calendar Applet
  2. Log out and back in
  3. Open Budgie Settings from the main menu, add the applet to the panel (click the + -> add)

Then, in the applet's settings, tick "Custom date" and set your string format:

enter image description here

..and here we are:

enter image description here

2. ShowTime applet (on the desktop)

Not literally the question, but in the latest version of the ShowTime applet (time on the desktop) you can also set a custom date format.

To change the format from:

enter image description here


enter image description here

Simply run:

gsettings set org.ubuntubudgie.plugins.budgie-showtime dateformat '%d %b'

and subsequently restart the applet or log out/in. To revert, run:

gsettings set org.ubuntubudgie.plugins.budgie-showtime dateformat ''


For the latest version to be available, you need to enable Backports repository from Budgie Welcome (in Recommendations)

  • Manual page for the format string: man strftime Feb 17, 2023 at 4:46

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