I installed ecryptfs-utils in my new Ubuntu 18.04 LTS with the following command:

$ sudo apt install ecryptfs-utils

Then I set up a Private directory as described in a wiki.archlinux documentation:

$ ecryptfs-setup-private --nopwcheck --noautomount

Then I made a recovery of all my data with the Backups utility inside the Private directory. Everything seemed to work fine but when I powered on my machine this morning I wasn't able to decrypt my Private directory:

$ ecryptfs-mount-private 
Enter your login passphrase:
Inserted auth tok with sig [fd7bf4e96709610d] into the user session keyring
mount: No such file or directory

ecryptfs failed to mount the Private directory. I read the similar topic ecryptfs-mount-private failure in Ubuntu 18.04: mount: No such file or directory but the solution provided by Gregor did not work for me. Any idea on how can I fix this issue?

This is the output of keyctl show:

$ keyctl show
Session Keyring
 129407649 --alswrv   1000  1000  keyring: _ses
 779489152 ----s-rv      0     0   \_ user: invocation_id

The problem was reported as a bug at launchpad.net.

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