How can I get information about Ubuntu releases from the command line?
Items of interest

  • Names vs. version numbers
  • support state

ubuntu-distro-info from the distro-info Install distro-info package provides information about all Ubuntu releases.

You get an overview of all releases with

ubuntu-distro-info --all --fullname

For the "current" version

ubuntu-distro-info --stable --fullname

For the current LTS release

ubuntu-distro-info --lts --fullname

For currently supported releases

ubuntu-distro-info --supported --fullname

(This strangely includes the current development version although it is not supported yet)

To get the number of days till EndOfLive you add --days=eol (shorter -yeol)

ubuntu-distro-info --supported --fullname --days=eol

To get the number of days till the current development version will be released you can use just -y or --days

ubuntu-distro-info --latest --fullname --days
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  • The other useful command from distro-info package is debian-distro-info. We should respect Ubuntu parents :) – N0rbert Mar 18 '19 at 17:45

Also a general way (works also on non-Ubuntu distros as well):

lsb_release -a

It uses /etc/os-release to read the config data. On .deb-based distros, also /etc/dpkg should correct as so. After a manual shift to/from Ubuntu, this should be manually corrected.

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