I'm currently a student in college studying computer networking. Out of all the things I'm studying, my strong suit seems to be Linux. With spring break coming up I would like to use the time to study for my Linux+ certification exam.

I'm looking for suggestions for good sites, books, etc, from those who are Linux+ certified.

Any suggestions are appreciated.

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    I got my Linux+ a few weeks ago. Yahoo!!! I used some of the recommended books and practice tests on www.lpi.org Thanks everyone. – Cygnus X Aug 21 '12 at 19:55
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This is the place to start, get your info, get your tests and do your certifications: http://www.lpi.org/

Check this sites also: http://www.linuxcertified.com/


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I'd recommend you start with this tutorial by Ryan Chadwick

Go step by step and try to implement it on terminal.

The best way to self-learn Linux is to get a ebook like Linux for Dummies and to replicate each command trying understand what they do. If this is done on a live Linux server, the results may be catastrophic, so I suggest you install free virtual machine software like Oracle VirtualBox and install any flavour of Linux in it to play around.

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I could recommend some tutorial sites and books:


The Linux Documentation Project

Unix and Linux System Administration Handbook

Also Ubuntu has some training courses: Ubuntu training

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