I have a login and password from a website that uses vimeo to host theirs videos. I can watch the video when logged in the website, but I would like to watch them when offline.

So I decided to download the video using wget. this is the code I am using:

wget --user=xxx@hotmail.com  --password=xxxxx      https://fresnel.vimeocdn.com/add/player-stats?session-id=398f05db2ff96e3ab6bd47dc85ff22415ee5a6711552836002

And that is the answer:

--2019-03-17 11:55:37--  https://fresnel.vimeocdn.com/add/player-stats?session-id=398f05db2ff96e3ab6bd47dc85ff22415ee5a6711552836002
Resolving fresnel.vimeocdn.com (fresnel.vimeocdn.com)...
Connecting to fresnel.vimeocdn.com (fresnel.vimeocdn.com)||:443... connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 405 Method Not Allowed
2019-03-17 11:55:38 ERROR 405: Method Not Allowed.

the URL i've got from the inspection tool: enter image description here

The error is ERROR 405: Method Not Allowed. I think I should pass a variable like session-id with wget. i don't know.

What am I missing?

  • "Method not allowed" means your HTTP Method is incorrect, i.e. it seems like you do a GET request here while the API requires you to POST instead. Try with --method=POST or --post-data="user=xxx&password=yyy" or something like that. – Byte Commander Mar 17 at 16:43

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