I am using grep -A command to get a specific pattern. It gives -- at the end of every block, how I can remove these dashes?

  • I suggest you post the problem you are trying to solve, as there might be better ways to accomplish your actual goal.
    – simlev
    Commented May 15, 2019 at 9:47

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AFAIK it's not mentioned in the man page, but in the Context Line Control section of info grep you will find the option

     When ‘-A’, ‘-B’ or ‘-C’ are in use, do not print a separator
     between groups of lines.

You have at least three alternatives:

  1. With -v option (works on any version of grep):

    ... | grep -A1 "pattern" | grep -v -- "^--$"

    Also, | sed '/^--$/d'.

  2. With the undocumented --group-separator

    ... | grep -A1 "pattern" --group-separator "" 
  3. With --no-group-separator (as mentioned steeldriver).

    ... | grep -A1 "pattern" --no-group-separator

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