I’m trying to install lubuntu on an old gateway Nv53a laptop, and no matter what options I choose it eventually gets to 673569] ehci-pci 0000:00:12.2: dma_direct_map_sg: overflow 0x000000106a6f000+2048 of device mask fffffffff. The number to the left of the string goes in a loop from 100,000-999,999 then back to 1000,000 (taking about 1.2 seconds to do a loop). I’ve tried nomodset, noapic, acpi=off and even forcepae but it always gets to the same endless loop.

Memory test is in progress with no problems so far.

Here’s a picture: pic Memory test so far with additional info: memtest


I recognized it as some sort of memory overflow, so I removed one of the sticks of ram (making it 2 GB instead of 4 GB). Once I did that it booted up fine!

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