I have a chef script that installs linux-image-extra for whatever the given kernel is on the system by doing "apt-get -y install linux-image-extra-uname -r but today it's started to fail saying that linux-image-extra-3.13.0-166-generic does not exist.

I check myself and sure enough, there are a million linux-image-extra packages, except for 3.13.0-166.

Is this a temporary problem? Should I find a way to use an older kernel? Why is that package missing?

  • We've noticed the same problem, have filed a bug report on launchpad.net. – David Cain Mar 14 at 18:39
  • Thanks for confirming that I'm not crazy, David. We were actually able to remove that dependency from our build process but I'm glad that an issue is filed. – Helios Mar 16 at 5:28

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