I have two video one is lyrics.m4v which contains lyrics video with black background and other video with random pics. I want to remove first video black background and play on top of other video.
I am using FFmpeg command:

ffmpeg.exe -i main.m4v \
           -vf 'movie=lyrics.m4v [f];[in][f] overlay=0:0 [out]' \

but it gives me this error message:

[NULL @ 000001c5c4369000] Unable to find a suitable output format for '[f];[in][f]'[f];[in][f]: Invalid argument

I am new to FFmpeg kindly help.

  • You are using Windows for this? If not perhaps edit off the '.exe' from your FFmpeg command given above (Windows is not supported on askubuntu). – andrew.46 Mar 13 at 9:57

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