Here goes, and please bare with me, as what I'm about to explain is and can be confusing.

I was cleaning out some old hard drivers using a tool provided by Seagate Seatool. I used the erase function and in the middle of it, I realized I was deleting my external 6TB drive (Also a Seagate). NOOOO< I panicked and cancelled/disconnected the drive.

Now the drive is not mounting at all, unable to initialize due to cyclic redundancy check (CRC) errors.

I've tried using Test disk, Fdisk, fixntfs and fsck to no avail in Ubuntu and gparted live boots.

I can't use Chkdsk in windows because no partition, and can't create partition because can't initialize.

Can't scan for data... I'm stuck and baffled at my stupidity but would like to recover my data if at all possible.

Any guidance much appreciated. I am asking in Ubuntu forum as I read that Linux tools might be my best option.

  • Maybe this is a case for PhotoRec, which can recover files from the stored data on the disk without any file system. But it means a lot of hard work, and you will lose the file names unless they are stored also among the file data. You can get PhotoRec via this link – sudodus Mar 13 at 8:20
  • I was able to initialize and partition the drive so I have access to the sectors. I'm pretty sure I didn't over-write the sectors as it was a quick format. I'm running TestDisk in Ubuntu right now to see if I can recover the old partitions and perhaps the files. If I'm switching the format of the Partitions (i.e from ext4 to ntfs etc) and not touching the sectors/writing or formatting, what are the chances I'll have access to the data? – Moe Mar 13 at 19:46

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