Since a few days ago my computer is giving me a black screen when I boot it up. At first, I could still start it in recovery mode. All info I could find to fix it points to the graphics driver (in my case for AMD Radeon RX 480).

I tried to reinstall the amdgpu driver, but somehow it seems not to become active when checking: lsmod | grep -e amdgpu gives no output. Also lshw -c video shows no active driver. I tried with oibaf drivers, but with no effect. Then I tried setting 'quiet splash nomodeset' in sudo gedit /etc/default/grub. However, after that I can't login in recovery mode anymore either; I now get a quick flashing screen of my desktop background for a few seconds and then a black screen with a cursor. I can still open tty2 with Ctrl+Alt+F2.

Could someone point me in the right direction? I've searched for info, but am a bit lost now.


Problem solved. 'nomodeset' was the culprit. Removing 'nomodeset' from within recovery mode apparently did not register it in the settings. Pressing 'e' to edit '*Ubuntu' in the grub menu solved it and then I could save the change in 'etc/default/grub'. The computer works fine now with the drivers from the AMD website.

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