I just installed Ubuntu 18.10. After the install, I was able to boot into the desktop, navigate over to Software & Updates, and install the proprietary Nvidia drivers from Additional Drivers. I rebooted after the installation of the drivers, and now it is hanging during the boot.

The few times I've been able to get out of the infinite loading dots and to the terminal output, I've seen this message (and it can go on for hours if left alone):

A start job is running for Hold unt■ishes up( <counter> / no limit)

enter image description here

Which steps should I take next to solve this issue?

EDIT: This edit is to notify readers that I have tried the following:

  • Adding nomodeset after quiet splash in the kernel boot line options
  • Booting into an older kernel (in this case, 14.18.0-10 generic) didn't work.
  • Booting into recovery mode and fixing broken packages with dpkg
  • Is Secure Boot disabled in your BIOS? Can you boot with the nomodeset kernel parameter? Did you install a bunch of SNAP applications after your install? Can you boot to Recovery Mode from the GRUB menu? – heynnema Mar 12 at 23:42
  • Secure boot isn't on in my BIOS, nomodeset doesn't make a difference when placed after quiet splash, and booting into recovery mode and repairing broken packages doesn't work. AND completely reinstalling doesn't matter either (after installing the Nvidia driver again). – Josh Mar 13 at 21:12
  • Also, booting up with kernel 4.18.0-10 generic doesn't seem to make a difference either. – Josh Mar 13 at 21:16
  • Do you know how to fsck your Ubuntu partition? If not, I'll post the instructions. – heynnema Mar 13 at 22:02
  • What version Nvidia drivers? What model Nvidia card? – heynnema Mar 13 at 22:03

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