Context :

I upgraded Ubuntu from 18.04 LTS to 18.10 and I have an NVidia card (GTX 1080). I have two monitors (in case it is an important information).

Problem :

I use a workaround to get to the login page (disabling Wayland via /etc/gdm3/custom.conf) but when I log in... I see a black screen and my mouse. I tried to install recommended NVidia drivers from the terminal and then an old version 390 ... But nothing. I also tried the nomodeset parameter in the grub config as i see this parameter on some forums with no avail. What can I do ?


I just tested different drivers and i finally found that the driver called "Nouveau" works at least for one monitor. So now i can try to configure drivers to get the other one. The luminosity cannot be changed too.

If i use XFCE, the two monitors display something.

I just tried to use lightdm but it does not work as i do not even see the desktop after logging in, only the wallpaper.

EDIT : I'm now under Ubuntu 19.04. The problem persists.

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