I understand that Ubuntu uses RAM differently than windows, where "not used RAM is wasted RAM". I've seen this question asked all around but never properly answered.

A few weeks ago my Ubuntu installation started to freeze very often. I added 4GB SWAP, and now the freezes do not happen anymore and the system runs fine.

However, my system is almost always using more than 2GB SWAP memory. Isn't SWAP memory only used when it's really necessary? If so, what is my system doing with the normal 8GB RAM that it has?

Running "top" only shows a few processes using about 25% memory together. I run some program but not that many (chrome 3-4 tabs, word processor, phpstorm).

Is my system just too old with the 8GB RAM, and should I update the memory? Or is this because of software that's running?

System: Dell XPS 13 Intel® Core™ i7-5500U CPU @ 2.40GHz × 4 8GB RAM + 4GB SWAP Plenty of disk space remaining

Sample output of free -h: ➜ ~ free -h

        total   used    free    shared  buff/cache   available
Mem:    7,3G    4,7G    534M    664M    2,1G         1,6G
Swap:   4,0G    2,1G    1,9G


  • Please update your question with the output of free -h .. showing how ram and swap are used. – Soren A Mar 11 at 10:30

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